Daiwa Zakana Jig - 20g - Katakutchi

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A versatile, long casting lure perfect for use both inshore and offshore, the Daiwa Zakana Jigs feature a rugged and thoughtful design that will bring you success in any waters. The Zakana Jig's long, streamlined profile is designed to effectively cut through both the air and water to provide extremely long casts even into the wind, and a subtle side-to-side swimming action with high speed retrieves. Once in motion, these jigs have the uncanny ability to remain horizontal and consistent in their swimming action thanks to the horizontal line tie, which is not often seen on these types of jigs. With a rugged through-wire construction and a heavy-duty VMC 9620 saltwater grade treble hook, the Zakana Jig is ready to go up against some of the toughest, hardest fighting game fish out there.

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