Danielson Painted Steel T-Handle Clam Gun

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Size:1-3/16" x 10"L T-handle & 5" x 15" Barrel
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Clam digging is a well known sport, as well a job to many fishermen. Some have been around to know you went out with your garden shovel and a bucket or laundry basket. Over the years, Danielson has come up with easier ways to get those tasty little guys. Welcome to the clam gun. This fun invention was designed for those sharp shelled razor clams. With their fast digging motion, you can keep up by driving the tube all around them and sucking the whole sand out of the hole, with them in it.
  • Engineered for taking razor clams from sandy ocean beaches
  • Enamel finish
  • Welded steel with enamel finish
  • Time tested and success proven
  • Measuring 31 in length
  • 5 by 15 barrel
  • 1-3/16 by 10 T-handle

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