Garmin All-In-One HD-ID & DownVü Transom Mount Transducer (8 Pin) 77/200

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Getting ultra-clear pictures of your underwater surroundings is important when boating or fishing. When you pair your unit with this sleek little guy, you not only can see sonar clarity of the structures below, you can see that pesky fish you have been missing all day. So hook this bad boy up to your boat, and you wont miss that trophy winner another day!
  • Ultra-clear sonar pictures
  • Clarity of: Objects, Structures and Fish that pass below your boat
  • 8-pin transducer
  • 20 foot transducer cable
  • Built-in fast response temperature sensor
  • Power rating of 500 Watts
  • Depth of 1,900 feet (Traditional Unit)
  • 750 feet (DownVü Unit)
  • Operating frequency 77/200 kHz (Traditional Unit)
  • 455 kHz (DownVü Unit)
  • A 0-70 transom angle
  • Transducer comes with:
    • Transom and Trolling motor mounts
    • Installation instructions (PLEASE Follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your boat)
  • Models listed are for customer knowledge and product accuracy only. We may not carry all of the units listed below
  • Compatible With:
    • echoMAP™ 50dv
    • echoMAP™ 70dv
    • GPSMAP® 1020xs
    • GPSMAP® 1040xs
    • GPSMAP® 527xs
    • GPSMAP® 547xs
    • GPSMAP® 721xs
    • GPSMAP® 741xs
    • GPSMAP® 820xs
    • GPSMAP® 840xs

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