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When moving around in nature, sometimes you need your hands free to grab hold of branches, drive, or hold your balance while climbing steep cliffs. Putting your unit in your backpack or pocket can be highly inconvenient. So why not holster your unit to your belt with Garmin's secure belt clip? You can keep it at hand everywhere you go and won't take the risk of leaving it in your truck or breaking it.
  • Locks into place and has a quick release button for when you need to see where you are
  • Holds your unit on your belt, keeping your hands free
  • Models listed are for customer knowledge and product accuracy only. We may not carry all of the units listed below

  • Compatible With:

    • Astro® 220
    • Black Marine AP Remote
    • eTrex Legend® C
    • eTrex Legend® Cx
    • eTrex Legend® HCx
    • eTrex Summit® HC
    • eTrex Venture® Cx
    • eTrex Venture® HC
    • eTrex Vista® C
    • eTrex Vista® Cx
    • eTrex Vista® HCx
    • Geko 101
    • Geko 201
    • Geko 301
    • GHC™ 10 Remote
    • GHP™ 10 Marine Autopilot System
    • GHP™ 10V Marine Autopilot System
    • GPS 60™
    • GPSMAP® 60
    • GPSMAP® 60C
    • GPSMAP® 60CS
    • GPSMAP® 60CSx
    • GPSMAP® 60Cx
    • NavTalk® GSM
    • Rino® 110
    • Rino® 120
    • Rino® 130
    • Rino® 520
    • Rino® 520HCx
    • Rino® 530
    • Rino® 530HCx

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