Garmin eTrex Handlebar Mount Bracket

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Want to go for an extended bike ride, but want your eTrex at your side? No need to hold, or clip the eTrex to your belt any longer. Just like a Dashboard Mount, this handlebar mount, secures your eTrex right on your handles, to keep your hands free for steering, and move you, in the right direction.
  • Snap and secure your device
  • Mount fits up to a 1" (2.54 cm) diameter bar
  • Perfect for your bike, motorcycle or ATV
  • Includes hardware and instructions
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  • Compatible With:

    • eTrex®
    • eTrex® Camo
    • eTrex® H
    • eTrex Legend®
    • eTrex Legend® C
    • eTrex Legend® H
    • eTrex Summit®
    • eTrex Summit® HC
    • eTrex Venture®
    • eTrex Venture® HC
    • eTrex Vista®
    • eTrex Vista® C
    • eTrex Vista® H

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