Gloomis IMX 8' Backbounce Rod

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Size:8' Casting
Power:Medium Heavy
Line Weight:12-25 lbs
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Lightweight, powerful, and sensitive. These are the features needed to Backbounce Fish. A unique technique where fishing from a boat, this rod will deliver the right performance needed to get the job done. Position yourself at the head of a good run, drop a bait rig to the bottom, and slowly feed line out, while your rig bounces along the bottom. The sensitive and light design lets you know when the fish is grabbing a taste, and gives you less rod weight to pull so you can quickly set the hook. The IMX power fights back with a punch to the engulfment of the bait, keeping the rod in your hands, and the fatigue out.
  • 8' in Length
  • Power: Medium Heavy
  • Species: Salmon
  • Line Weight: 12-25 lbs
  • Lure Weight: 1-6 oz
  • Action: Fast
  • 1 Piece
  • Rear Grip: 13-1/2"
  • Fore Grip: 5"
  • Overall Length: 24"

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