Lewis Mini-Trap 1/4

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The Bill Lewis® Rat-L-Trap Mini Trap® Lipless Crankbait is just what you need for fishing shallow waters. Featuring red Mustad Triple Grip extra strong hooks and split rings, the Mini Trap® is made for use with a wide variety of species, including sea trout, redfish, and weakfish among others. The natural vibrating action stimulates the fish’s lateral line sensory. The Mini Trap is an essential hard bait for all types of anglers.



    Liv-N-Sound low frequency knocking pitch

    All of the natural vibrating action of the original Rat-L-Trap® to stimulate a fish's lateral line sensory

    Use when fishing for sea trout, redfish, flounder, weakfish, bluefish, mackerel, calico/kelp, and bass

    Red Mustad Triple Grip extra strong hooks and split rings

    Most effective when fish are feeding on smaller forage

    Lipless design

    Made in the USA

    Length: 2.5 inches

    Weight: 1/4 ounce




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