Lindy No-Snagg Slip Sinkers

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Size:1/2 oz
Color:Black & Orange
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Developed by legendary angler Ron Lindner, this sinker will glide over your heavy moss and rock areas, without getting you caught up, and lets you get a better feel of your depths. So slip this time and field-tested sinker on, and fish practically anywhere.
  • Banana-shaped design
  • Developed by legendary angler Ron Lindner
  • Allows the sinker to glide over heavy cover
  • Gives the fisherman a better feel of the bottom without tumbling, twisting, or impeding bait action
  • Extensive field-testing in "unfishable" areas of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs
  • Yielded 95 % snag-free results!
  • Fish rocks, brush, weeds, and stump fields like never before
  • Works equally well whether Lindy Rigging, Carolina-Rigging, drifting, or trolling

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