Luhr Jensen Bang Tail Spinners

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Size:1/2 oz
Color:Fire & Black Scale
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Bang-Tail spinners work better because they're designed better. Featuring a built-in swivel that virtually eliminates line twist and a proprietary "instant-spin" blade design for instantaneous blade start-up on the retrieve. Bang-Tail spinners can be fished straight upstream (unlike many) as well as crosscurrent and downstream in rivers. You'll also notice the blades are thicker, producing a stronger vibration, and less likely to incur damage if bounced off a river rock or hammered by a large fish. With multiple sizes and a full color palette, there is a "Bang-Tail" to meet the demands of every water condition. See Tech Report #6: Casting Spinners and Spoons in Lakes and Streams.
  • Length: 1-15/16"
  • Hook Size: 2
  • Built-in swivel
  • Instant-spin blade

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