Luhr Jensen Kokanee Jeweled Bead Lake Trolls

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Color:Chrome & Silver Prism-Lite
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The easy-pulling design of the Jeweled Bead Troll makes it a great addition to the light-tackle angler's arsenal. Luhr-Jensen's premium plating and polishing produces maximum flash from the #3 blades, simulating a school of small minnows. Four blades are fully rigged on flexible cable rigging and feature jeweled bead spacers for a small shimmering effect that gets noticed. Follow the Jeweled Bead Troll with a Kokanee King or Kokanee Needlefish tipped with a single piece of Shoe peg Corn for outstanding results on Western kokanee. See Tech Report #17: Techniques for Kokanee.
  • Flexible cable rigging
  • Premium plating and polishing for maximum flash

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