Luxpro Flood 725 Waterproof Ultra Runtime Led Headlamp

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The LuxPro Flood725 is a multi-color LED Headlamp that is compact and waterproof. This headlamp is bright with over 300 lumens. It's versatile with 6 possible modes. A Blue battery life indicator light makes it easy to know when batteries need to be replaced. 3AAA batteries are included. This light has an impressive run time of 29 hours while on low mode. The Headband is adjustable and features non-slip stitching for stablilty and comfort. Has multi-color LED options making it optimal for onsite jobs, nighttime running, camping & more. Light weight and has an IPX7 waterproof rating. 


  • Compact & Waterproof
  • Dual mode button & 6 Modes
  • Batteries Included .
  • Adjustable Headband .

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