Mack S Lure Kokanee Killer #8 Hammered Nickel/ Orange Spinnerbaits

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Mack s Lure Kokanee Killer Single Series Freshwater Spin Fishing Lure #8 Glo Hook #2 Hammered Nickel Blade Flo Orange Beads is the deadly combination for Kokanee. Boasting the castability movement and attractive elements of our Wedding Ring line the Kokanee Killer Single Series has the added bonus of having a Glo Hook which adds visibility and flare. This lure is developed for Kokanee/Trout and has a 48-inch leader at varying pound tests to suit your situation. Take the Kokanee Killer Single Series with you on your next fishing trip and finally get to enjoy a lure that meets your specific needs! Brought to you by Mack s Lure a company always in pursuit of business excellence by marketing only quality products and by supporting our customers with superior service.

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