Mack's Lure Wedding Ring Classic Spinner Lures, Size 6, Fluorescent Chartreuse

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Mack's Lure® Wedding Ring® Classic Lures have withstood the test of time, having been a tackle box staple for more than 40 years. The Wedding Ring® spinner is hand-tied on monofilament line giving it greater action in the water than lures made with wire. High quality rhinestone diamonds create a vibrant reflection that captivates kokanee, trout, perch, walleye, and many other game fish. FEATURES: Spinner fishing lure Hammered Indiana blades provide a lot of vibration and flash to any lure Designed with large high-clarity rhinestones stones, which provide flash and sparkle to any lure Two five-mold beads provide high quality visible color, and provide flotation Hand-tied on monofilament line gives it greater action in the water than lures made with wire All fluorescent beads and painted blades feature UV glow SPECS: Leader length: 48 in. Hook Size: 4 Leader test: 10 lbs. Hook Size: 6 Leader test: 8 lbs. Hook Size: 8 Leader test: 8 lbs. Hook Size: 10 Leader test: 6 lbs.

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