Mack's Wally Pop Crawler Rig | Fluorescent Green/Rocket Red/Silver Mirror; 4

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The Mack's Wally Pop Crawler Rig combines two proven components from Mack's Lures to create a versatile trolling rig that puts walleye in your boat. The Wally Pop features the Smile Blade that spins, producing a life-like action at slow trolling speeds. Fully customizable, you can bend the blade to change from a slow wobble to a vigorous shake. The other critical component is the Cha Cha pill float to provide just the right amount of flotation to keep your bait off the bottom and in the strike zone. The float can also be used as a scent chamber to attract walleye or trout better. This proven Crawler Rig was the winner of the Washington Governor's Cup and numerous other tournaments. For the most attractive setup, pair the Wally Pop with bottom bouncers or slip sinks and troll at speeds of 1/4 to 1 1/2 mph. Slow trolling also works for a variety of other species of fish. You can also use this rig with Mack's Flash Lite Trolls or Hot Wings while varying your trolling speeds to activate its plug-like action. 14 lb. test leaderLeader length: 6 ft.Troll at speeds of 1/4 to 1 1/2 mphEquipped with two hooksQty. per Pack: 1.

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