Mad River Mfg. Drifter

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Mad River Drifters are available in 4 different sizes (diameters) with added lead or without. The added lead will help them sink faster in deeper water with more current. Less snags! Better drifts! Mad River Drifters work ideal for Side Drifting and Drift Fishing from the bank. The bigger the ball the slower it sinks and the easier it gets pushed in the current. Use the 1oz size in slow moving current where you would not normally be able to get a drift off the bottom or in shallow tail-outs where you would normally get snagged. Use the 3/4oz or 1/2oz size in weighted(with lead) for most winter steelhead side drifting conditions from a boat. Un-weighted for low water days when do don’t need the extra weight to get down. Try the 1/2oz and 1/4oz size when fishing from the bank. When you’re standing in one place, you need them to sink fast. Weighed version in deeper faster water and un-weighted in low water or trout streams. Mad River Drifters work great for Bobber Doggin' too!

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