Mepps Dressed Aglia Spinner, White

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The popular Mepps® Dressed Aglia Inline Spinner was designed to attract a wide variety of fish species. With its premium grade bucktail and turkey quill strike attractor, the Dressed Aglia has a natural, flowing action that proves to be irresistible to larger fish. By bringing together the design of the Aglia with hand tied accents, the Mepps Dressed Aglia has become one of the top performing inline spinnerbaits. FEATURES: Combines the design of the Mepps Aglia and hand tied accents Tied with bucktail or squirrel tail Red turkey quill accent Dressed treble hook Natural, smooth-flowing presentation Great to use when fishing for Trout, Pike, Bass, and Panfish SPECS: Model: B1ST Weight: 1/8 oz. Size: #1 Model: B2ST Weight: 1/6 oz. Size: #2 Model: B3ST Weight: 1/4 oz. Size: #3 Model: B4ST Weight: 1/3 oz. Size: #4 Model: B5ST Weight: 1/2 oz. Size: #5.

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