Mustad Addicted Cradle Net | 42 in.

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The Mustad Addicted Cradle Net is the perfect tool for netting and releasing various types of fish, such as steelhead, salmon, trout, and muskie. With this rubber cradle net (the best for protecting fish and preserving their slime coating), there's no need to haul the fish onto the bank, take them out of the water, or bring them onto your boat. Floating carbon fiber handles contribute to the rubber net being lightweight and easy to pack. Check out these nets - they're made to properly handle wild fish in untamed waters! The Mustad/Addicted Landing Cradle is a great way to ensure the safety and preservation of the fish we cherish. The natural calming effect of rubber netting is the ideal way to take care of the fish we loveProtects the fish skin, along with the natural calming effects that the cradle has on a fishBuilt-in measuring tape to 42 in.Upper loops allow you to use a scale on the fishFloating handles to prevent the net from sinking; carbon fiber handles are lightweight � releasing steelhead salmon trout muskie or any other fish you see fit is a simple choreIncludes built-in straps to pack the net tight when not in useQty. per Pack: 1.

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