Mustad Addicted Walleye Death Spinner Jig | Pink-White; 1 Oz.

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Fishing a Mustad Addicted Walleye Death Spinner Jig using vertical or horizontal presentations creates a flash and bubble trail in the water. The unique Addicted fishing jig displays a shad-style head and sports a propeller spinner on the shank, providing built-in action for the jig on the Mustad 1X fine wire Aberdeen 90º jig hook (32746NP-BN). The stinger, a 1X strong wire octopus hook (92553NP-BN), is part of the integrated walleye lure and trails 1 1/2 inches behind. The stinger is perfect for tipping with a nightcrawler or your favorite soft plastic. Hook points on the Walleye Death Spinner both feature 4.3 UltraPoint technology, engineering point lengths for optimum strength and sharpness. Try a Mustad Addicted Walleye Death Spinner Jig and you may find yourself obsessed. Shad style head with two line tie points for vertical and horizontal presentations Propeller spinner provides flash and a bubble trail Jig head molded onto 32746NP-BN hook 92553NP-BN stinger hook is set back 1 1/2 in. Opti-Angle sharpening technology Black nickel finish Tip with a nightcrawler or soft plastic Qty. per Pack: 1.

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