Mustad Balsa Fixed Float System, Size 6, Chartreuse

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SPECS: Size: 6 Handmade from Sensitive Durable Balsa Hard-shell Durable Paint Internal Balance Weight Line Through Keeper Tube Includes: One Premium Addicted Balsa Float, Two External Brass Weights, Two Weight Hold O-Rings, Four Black Surgical Tubes Pieces USES: Freshwater DESIGN & DETAILS: Available with Pink Tops or Chartreuse Tops Perfect for beads, jigs, bait, worms, and more Track perfectly in the water while still giving you the needed sensitivity and pull-down resistance to catch fish Pre-weighted with an internal weighting system Tube allows you to thread your line through the float and keep it safe from flying off into the water if your surgical tubing breaks Model: MFX-AS6-CH-1, MFX-AS6-HP-1, MFX-AS8-CH-1, MFX-AS8-HP-1.

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