Onyx Outdoor Nylon Pet Vest

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Nylon Pet Vest (157000-999-010-19) by Onyx Outdoor®. 1 Piece. X-Small. Stars and Stripes. For 8-15 Lbs. The Onyx nylon pet vest is designed to provide swimming endurance for your pet and security while in the water. Durable fabric to resist punctures and tears. A convenient handler's strap for easy recovery in the water and three adjustable body belts to provide a secure fit.


Onyx Outdoor


  • Durable fabric to resist punctures and tears
  • Three adjustable body belts and quick release buckles for a secure fit
  • Handler's strap for easy recovery

Onyx Outdoor® is an outdoor brand under the Absolute Outdoor, Inc. company, located in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. Absolute Outdoor is affiliated with Kent Sporting Goods Company, based in New London, Ohio and specializes in a multi-brand portfolio of outdoor, water sports, and marine products.



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