P-Line HP Leader Copolymer Material | 8 Lb.; Moss Green; 50 Yds.

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P-Line HP Leader Copolymer Material is the latest addition to the P-Line family of leader material. The P-Line copolymer line is constructed with the best combination of polymers available and exhibits great abrasion resistance, low stretch, high tensile strength, and exceptional knot strength. Available in 2-30lb. test strengths and 50 yard spools. Moss green leader color is a proven performer that blends in with the surrounding water for your stealthy presentation. Set yourself up with a high-performance leader that raises the bar of what anglers can expect, and get the P-Line HP Copolymer Leader that meets your needs here! High-performance copolymer lineGreat abrasion resistance, low stretchHigh tensile strength, exceptional knot strengthAvailable in 2-30 lb. test in 50-yard spools.Qty. per Pack: 1 TestDiameterDiameterSpool Length2 lb.0.0050 in.0.128 mm50 yds.4 lb.0.0071 in.0.181 mm50 yds.6 lb.0.0092 in.0.234 mm50 yds.8 lb.0.0103 in.0.261 mm50 yds.10 lb.0.0112 in.0.286 mm50 yds.12 lb.0.0129 in.0.33 mm50 yds.15 lb.0.0145 in.0.369 mm50 yds.

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