Poulsen Cascade Tackle Slinky Maker Super Combo Tool

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One of the best ways to improve your drift-fishing efforts is to reduce the ‘snagging factor’. Slinky style drift sinkers, do just that, by flexing and snaking their way, over and between the rocks and logs of the river bottom. They let you feel more bites and get fewer snags. One of the best ways to get your slinky style sinkers at the exact weight, is to make your own. With a Riversnake Slinky Maker, your not only saving money, it is a great way to keep your hands busy, for when you’re not actually fishing.
Comes complete with:
  • Standard, magnum and super magnum filler tubes
  • A ram-rod to push the shot out of the filler tube and into the cord
PLEASE NOTE: Does not come with Slinky Cord or Slinky Weights

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