Pro-Cure Bait Oil Fish Attractant - Anise Plus Hot Pink

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Make your fishing time more productive. Add Pro-Cure ® Bait Oil to your presentation, and you'll catch more fish, more consistently than ever before. Unlike other commercial fish attractants, super-concentrated Pro-Cure Bait Oil is made from real whole fresh bait " it's not chemically formulated in a lab. Each variety includes powerful species-targeted enhancements such as exotic amino acids, proven bite stimulants, and UV coloration, resulting in the most effective scents ever dropped into a bay or river. Pro-Cure Bait Oil can be used as a pre-trip marinade, infused by injection (injector not included), or simply squirted onto your bait or lure. Super-effective scented fish attractant Helps you catch more fish, more consistently Made from whole fresh bait, amino acids, and bite stimulants Enhanced with UV coloration Marinate, inject, or squirt on bait Select from several proven varieties.

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