Rapala Bx12 Swimmer Split Body Plugs

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Size:4-3/4 | 4-6' | 3/4 oz
Color:Blue Back Herring
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Recieve a lively, responsive action balsa wood lure with the BX. With the option to fish them in the most extreme, rugged conditions, these lures have to have competetive features. With balsa on the inside with a tough, durable copolymer shell, and heavy duty hooks, you fish the water with unbeatable toughness. Plus, the outer shell allows life-like finishes unlike anything seen on a balsa-based lure before!
  • Two #3 Hooks
  • Balsa Body Inside
  • Durable Copolymer Shell
  • Molded 3D Head, Gills and Scales
  • Internal X-Foil
  • Articulated Body with Durable Pivot System
  • Black Nickel VMC® Hooks
  • Slow Sinking
  • Incredible Life-Like Finishes
  • 3D Holographic Eyes
  • Hand Tuned and Tank Tested
  • Technique: Casting and Trolling

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