Rapala Ott's Garage OG Slim 6 Crankbait - Dark Brown Crawdad

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The Rapala OG Slim 6 is part of the Ott's Garage Series. The OG Series of crankbaits are created from Ott De Foe's garage. This professional angler has had a passion for bait building and has been doing it since childhood and customizing lures is his specialty. This slim crankbait is a balsa bait with flat sides. It features a medium wobble and tight side-to-side action through the water. Featuring a lightweight circuit board lip that is super thin but still delivers the action needed no matter what technique you're using to fish it. Ideal for any species of freshwater gamefish. Premium balsa wood body construction Silent/Non rattling Circuit board lip Flat sided balsa body Medium wobble with tight side-to-side action VMC black nickel 1X strong hybrid treble hooks.

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