Sea Dog Bilge Pump-Manual

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Sea Dog's handy boat bilge pump helps remove and bail excess water out of your boat hulls and off covers. Using a unique man-powered plunging system. Water enters an integrated intake valve at the bottom of the reservoir and out the side-mount hose for removal while pumping the easy to grip handle. Being light-weight and compact, this manual bilge pump is a perfect and easy maneuvering tool for any wet situation.
Threading at the end of the hose feeds into reservoir to help keep it in place even after pumping large amounts of water out of a boat. Includes tube clip for the hose to aid in easy storage and extended life span.
  • Body Length: 18"
  • Hose Length: 24"
  • Strokes Per Gallon: 10
  • Gallons Per Minute: 6
    • Body Length: 24"
    • Hose Length: 36"
    • Strokes Per Gallon: 6
    • Gallons Per Minute: 10
      • Body Length: 36"
      • Hose Length: 72"
      • Strokes Per Gallon: 4
      • Gallons Per Minute: 13
      • Removable hoses and storage clips
      • Anti-Leak Design
      • Corrosion Resistant
      • Large ergonomic, easy grip, high impact handle

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