Seaguar Sts Salmon Fluorocarbon Leader Coils

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Size:30 lbs x 100 yds
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Tough use equals tough need. Don't just settle for cheap, cause chances are you'll get cheap product. Seaguar now offers a fast sinking line that gets your hook to your strike zone faster. Delivering incredible abrasion resistance, you can even fish through crazy structures and murk, without a single hitch or problem. With small line diameters, you get significantly lower visibility in the waters, making Trout, Salmon and Steelhead quiver in there shadowy hideouts.
Line Diameters:
  • 20lbs: .405 mm or .016"
  • 25 lbs: .470 mm or .017"
  • 30 lbs: .520 or .020"
  • 30% Better knot strength
  • Genuine 100% fluorocarbon leader material
  • Delivers incredible abrasion resistance
  • Maximum impact and knot strength
  • Smaller line diameter than monofilament
  • Fast-sinking
  • Gets you in the “strike zone” quicker
  • Lower refractive index than monofilament
  • Less visible underwater
  • The optimum choice for fishing Salmon, Trout and Steelhead

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