Shimano Stradic FM Spinning Reel - ST2500HGFM

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Shimano Stradic FM ST2500HGFM Spinning Reels - The Legendary Legacy Continues Step up your fishing game with the Shimano Stradic FM ST2500HGFM Spinning Reels, a true testament to Shimano's unwavering commitment to innovation and design excellence. With a rich history spanning over two decades, the Stradic name has been synonymous with quality and performance, setting the standard for spinning reels in the industry. Whether you're a freshwater enthusiast or an inshore saltwater angler, the Stradic FM offers an array of models tailored to your needs, ready to enhance your fishing prowess. Cutting-Edge Technologies for Unrivaled Performance At the heart of the Stradic FM lies the groundbreaking Infinity Xross gear tooth design, a marvel derived from Shimano's flagship Stella reel. This innovation optimizes surface contact and meshing between the drive and pinion gears, ensuring unmatched efficiency, reduced stress points, and enhanced gear durability. Pair this with the robust Hagane cold forged gearing and Micro Module II technology, and you'll experience silky-smooth turns of the handle that remain consistent year after year. Feel the power as you crank your way to victory with the Infinity Drive technology, offering enhanced cranking power under load. When the battle intensifies, rely on the improved Dura Cross Drag system, delivering the same smoothness as felt drags with an astounding tenfold increase in durability. This drag system is perfect for delicate lines and those heart-pounding encounters with high-velocity pelagic species. Innovations that Enhance Your Experience Experience hassle-free angling with the newly introduced Anti-Twist Fin, a smart addition that prevents line snags and keeps your line elevated for quicker hooksets. The G-Free Body technology shifts the center of gravity closer to the reel seat, reducing fatigue and enhancing casting comfort. The One Piece Bail design ensures smooth lin.

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