Starbrite Bilge Oil Pads (5 pack)

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The Starbrite Bilge Oil Pads are designed to make your boating fun and ecofriendly. With the pads in place, the water from your bilge gets dumped back into the river, bay or ocean, clean and oil free. Thus making your trip environmentally safe, legal and fine free. They are also great for wiping down engines, laying under your shafts, or even cleaning out ovens!
  • Quickly absorbs oil and fuel, but will not absorb water
  • Made of high-quality, virgin materials
  • Will not unravel
  • Can be wrung out and re-used
  • Ideal for wrapping fuel nozzle to prevent refueling spills
  • Absorbs up to 25 times its own weight of number 2 oil
  • Great for engine rooms or petrochemical spills
  • Also works great for cleaning out grease from stoves, oven, or deep fryers
  • 17" x 19" x 3/8"

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