Steelhead & Salmon Drift-Fishing Secrets By Timothy Kusherets

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This comprehensive book goes way beyond the basics of drift-fishing techniques to include marine biology, ichthyology, meteorology, and physics as they apply to fish and fishing. Timothy Kusherets has spent decades on research and fieldwork--examining concepts and challenging misconceptions--to create a book that is truly of value to both expert and first-time drift-fishermen. This book covers: species identification and anatomy; different drifting styles and techniques; spotting fish and deciphering fish movement; catching fish when others are getting skunked; performing year-round reconnaissance visits on your home waters; when to fish and what to look for at the river; set-ups and their unique components; reading water; understanding fish and the pressures they experience; gear; save hundreds of dollars on fishing tackle; how to safely release a fish; using the Internet; filleting your catch; extensive glossary; and much more. The unique, yet down-to-earth advice in this book will change your approach to drift-fishing for steelhead and salmon--and it will bring more fish to your line!
  • ISBN: 978-1-57188-3001
  • Author: Timothy Kusherets
  • Pages: 96
  • Published: December 2003
  • Marine biology
  • Ichthyology
  • Physics that apply to fish and fishing
  • Drifting techniques
  • Drifting styles
  • Softbound

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