Sticky Holsters Md-1 Holster For Small/Medium Frame Handguns Ambidextrous

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Tired of bulky holsters with annoying clips or stubborn loops that require a belt just to carry your firearm? The people at Sticky Holsters were too, so they decided to do something about it. The result is a slim, low profile holster that provides comfort and peace of mind to all those that wear it.

The exterior is made from a non-slip material that sticks to nearly anything with just a little pressure; thus eliminating the need for clips or loops. The inner portion of the holster is constructed of closed-cell foam that keeps your pistol secure. Pressure and consistent use conforms the holster to your firearm, which means it only gets better over time. These lightweight holsters weigh next to nothing and allow you to draw your firearm in seconds. Throw that bucket of old, unused holsters in the trash and pick up the last one you'll ever need.

Specifications and Features
MD-1 Sticky Holster
"Sticky" outer material eliminates the need for belt loops or clips
Holster is formed by pressure and body heat from normal use
Closed-foam interior keeps lint and dust out

Accu-Tek AT-380 II/HC-380
AMT Backup
Glock 42
Kel-Tecl P-11/P40/PF9
Ruger LC9
Sig P290/P938
Taurus 709/708/740
Cobra Patriot
Kahr PM40/PM9/CM9
Kimber Solo
Bond Arms Snake Slayer
S&W Sigma 380



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