Tetra Gun Grease 1 Oz.

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Tetra Gun Grease Heavy-Duty, Fluoropolymer White Firearm Grease

Tetra Gun Grease is one of the best greases in the firearms industry. The grease bonds to metal, greatly reduces frictions, doesn't attract fouling and protects. It is quick to apply and easy to use. Tetra grease has a wide operating temperature range from -100°F to 750°F. Additionally, this grease is low odor and won’t migrate, it just stays where you put it for supreme lubrication and protection. Rest assured your firearms will be operating well and protected with Tetra Gun Grease.

Tetra Gun Grease Features and Specifications:

  • Heavy-Duty, Fluoropolymer White Grease
  • Widest Operating Temperature Range -100°F to 750°F
  • Bonds to Metals, Smooths and Protects
  • Reduces Friction
  • Quick to Apply, Easy-to-Use
  • Low Odor
  • Doesn't Attract Fouling
  • Won’t Migrate



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