Vortex Optics Triumph HD 10x42 Binoculars

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Triumph HD 10x42 Binoculars

Get the binocular with the best image quality, ergonomics, and durability in its class. Fully water, fog, and shockproof. Multicoated lenses for edge-to-edge sharpness and light transmission you’d expect in binos that cost a lot more. Stow them in your truck, backpack, or go-bag for light-duty glassing. This rugged, HD optical system delivers adjustable eyecups and a diopter for custom, comfortable viewing. Also ships with useful neck strap and adjustable GlassPak harness for fast access and easy carry wherever outdoor adventure takes you.

Adjust Eyecups & IPD

The eyecups on the Triumph HD binocular twist up and down so any viewer can see the full field and enjoy comfortable viewing—with or without eyeglasses. When not using eyeglasses or sunglasses, keep the eyecups fully extended. For the best viewing when wearing glasses, twist eyecups down.

The interpupillary distance (IPD) is the distance between the center of your left and right pupils. Match the IPD of your eyes and your binocular by rotating the barrels in or out until you see a single image free of shading

GlassPak Binocular Harness

The GlassPak Binocular Harness stores and protects your binoculars while keeping them close at hand for quick deployment. Tethers attach to your binocular for added security against accidental drops while the fully adjustable straps create a comfortable fit. Follow these steps to attach the binocular tether straps. 

  1. Thread the wide end of the binocular tether straps through the harness strap buckles.
  2. Size to fit by adjusting the one-size-fits-all harness strap.
  3. Thread the binocular tether straps through the strap attachments on binocular.
  4. Thread the binocular tether straps back through the tether strap buckles to secure.

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