Wicked Lures Salmon & Steelhead Squid Spinners

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Color:Black & Pink
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Hand-Grown here in the Pacific Northwest, these spinners fish and play in the water like a Rolling Stones fine-tuned guitar. With 14 years of design behind these spinners, the trials and errors perfected the presentation that is the Wicked Lure® Squid Spinner.
  • 100% CUSTOM MADE
  • Designed for casting, float fishing and trolling
  • The action and presentation makes each lure unique and deadly to a wide variety of game fish
  • Hand tied egg loop
  • Custom-designed squid
  • Holds bait
  • 6 ft leader
  • 1/0 Gamakatsu™ red octopus hook
  • 20lb platinum moss green izorline

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