Worden's Vibric Rooster Tail 3/8 oz

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Size:3/8 oz
Color:Lime Chartreuse Mylar
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Since the 1950's Worden's original Rooster Tail has been and still is one of the most productive spinners around. Used to catch just about any gamefish, the Rooster Tails pulsating hackle tail and attractive spinning motion will make fish strike in any fishing situation. Be that as it may, the Vibric Rooster Tail offers the same actions as the original, but instead of a cylindral body, the Vibric offers an off centered cone-shaped body that glides through the water creating an ultra noisy vibration. Impossible to ignore to Trout, Bass, and many other gamefish.
  • Hook Size: 6 Treble
  • Multi-species casting and trolling spinnerEZ spin blade design allows slow retrieveNoise producing blade and body design attracts fishOffset body reduces line twistPulsating hackle tail

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