Yakima Bait Flatfish T4-Series Plugs

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Color:Fluorescent Red
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Flatfish are a very popular lure here in the Northwest, but when it comes down to the wire this lure is versatile and won't disappoint. Due to Charlie Helin and his original design, Yakima's Flatfish has been contagious for over 50 years. Fishing for Trout, Pike, Bass and many more species, this lure outshines most. With it's perfectly balanced body, wide wobbling and swimming motions, you're sure to get results no matter where you fish or what you're fishing for.
  • Length: 3-1/2"
  • Hook Size: 2 #4 Treble Hooks
  • These are general diving depths: 4-6 Feet
  • High action wiggling plug
  • Irresistible trolling action
  • Multi-species design
  • Round bend treble hook
  • Diving depth depends on trolling speed, line diameter, river current speed and other factors

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