Yakima Bait Hawg Nose Flatfish

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Color:Double Chartreuse Red
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Like your Original Flatfish, the Hawg Nose Flatfish comes along and out performs as well. Even if your flat lining them in slow and fast shallow water, back bouncing them in slow and fast deep water, and trolling them in tide water they will out-performed every other plug used next to the original. With it's unique skip beat action and enticing rattle, this plug will swim straight and true right out of the package.
  • Diving Depth: 10-15'
  • Hook Size: 3/0
  • Diving rattle and UV plug
  • Strike producing "skip beat" action
  • Unique new bill design
  • Troll, back-troll, back-bounce or plunk it
  • Rigged with two 3/0 H.D. size treble hooks
  • H.D. stainless steel hook hangers
  • Side grooves hold bait wrap
  • Screw eye pull point

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