Yakima Bait Twitcher Jig - 1/2 Oz. - Purple

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Working closely with fishing guides and industry professionals, the experts at Yakima Bait ® have created the Twitcher Jig, a lure specifically designed to be a killer coho salmon lure. Perfect for using the twitching technique, this twitching jig should be cast out and allowed to sink, either to middle depths or to the bottom depths. Both are where coho usually hang out. Once there, lift and lower your rod tip 12-18 inches as you retrieve the line. This twitching action is a sure-fire way to tempt strikes out of these big boys. The Yakima Bait Twitcher Jig has been built with a weighted bullet/darter head in order to make it rocket into the distance and sink down deep with speed. Dressed up in rabbit fur, this twitcher darts and dances with a full, lifelike profile. The silicone tentacle body, surrounded with reflective tinsel, adds just the right amount of movement and flash. Its highly durable, powder-coated paint job will look great through tons of battles. Lastly, its heavy-duty, pre-sharpened Gamakatsu ® hook penetrates lips and holds on. Designed to be a killer coho salmon lure Made with help from fishing guides and industry pros The perfect lure for the twitching technique Weighted bullet/darter head Casts far and sinks fast Dressed up in rabbit fur Silicone tentacle body Reflective tinsel Powder-coated paint job Sharp, strong Gamakatsu hook.

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