Yo-Zuri Hd Carbon 100% Flurocarbon Leader Line

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Size:40 lbs x 30 yds
Color:Disappearing Pink
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The Original” industry leading 100% Pink Fluorocarbon leader material and current I.G.F.A. World Record Holder for 200# H.D. Carbon Pink Leader Material. The impressive 427# Yellowfin Tuna was caught by Guy Yocum aboard “El Suertudo”. Yo-Zuri’s proprietary blend of 100% Fluorocarbon, coupled with our “penchant for perfection” during the extrusion process, allows us to provide anglers with the disappering pink leader material known worldwide.
100% Fluorocarbon leader material Proprietary formula extruded in our own private factory 30 and 100 yd. spools The "original" disappearing pink leader World record holder for Yellowfin Tuna Superior abrasion resistance and overall strength

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